When is the ‘Safe Grad’ party? 
After the graduation ceremony, students and families are invited to a reception, hosted by the junior class in the LOLHS Commons.  After the reception, students change into their comfy clothes and give all belongings to their parents.  The students are fed dinner and then board buses to the venue; the students cannot take anything on the bus.  They are provided bottled water and snacks along with some small gifts.

Why is the venue secret?
The venue is kept secret to protect the students.  We cannot have anyone driving to or from the event, nor uninvited visitors (including parents unless chaperones).

My child says he/she is not planning to attend the ‘Safe Grad’ event.  How many students actually attend?
Historically the majority of the students attend the event, with most deciding in the last few weeks of the year.  For the class of 2018, 96% of the class attended the event.

Do the students enjoy this event?
Most definitely, yes!!!  Every year, feedback is sought from the students and the event modified based on this feedback (i.e., activities preferred, food choice, etc).

Why are you asking for donations now? 
We need to reserve both the venue for the event and buses to transport the students. A deposit is required.  It is very important to raise a majority of the money before the holidays.

How much does the ‘safe grad’ event cost? 
The party costs roughly $250 per senior which includes safe busing to and from the event, the venue activities and entertainment, food and fun swag.  Our fundraising goal is $25,000 for the class of 2019.

Won’t the students just find another night to party?
History has shown that since most of the kids attend the party, they are all tired the next day! Most graduation parties start the following weekend with much smaller groups.  And because they occur  a week after graduation, there isn’t the same “energy” as the day they graduate.